I'm Back!


Dare to set goals again!

You can easily follow this workshop via zoom.

During this 1 on 1 workshop “I'm back!” you learn through theory and practice, with spirituality and creativity, to find your purpose, happiness, self-confidence, life path and intuition.

Think of it as a path to awareness. By making self-conscious, self-assured and purposeful choices, you have the confidence to map out a new route and then start realizing it.

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to ensure that you find your purpose in life again, have focus and also receive tools so that you can realize everything with renewed self-confidence.

You don't have to be able to paint, draw or be creative in any other way.
You don't need to have any prior knowledge about anything, because all the elements are already inside you!

The different parts of the workshop provide great insights and new perspectives about your future, under the professional guidance of Shasha.

Session 1

Find your target!

We will look for your goal together. The aim of this session is to become aware; of what makes you happy, what you already do subconsciously/consciously, what the meaning is… You will also receive advice and tips on how to use, deploy and change this.

Session 2


Become self-confident by standing in your power again.
Awareness in how you can influence your PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT and OTHERS. In addition to this insight, you learn to use strengths and weaknesses in the right balance to make better decisions. This allows you to translate them into concrete goals and thus realize them.

Session 3

Your Intuition

Listen and use your intuition!
Awareness of your I. Learn to see what life lessons you have learned. And probably the most important insight; the why.

Session 4

Life Path!

Self-confidently find realistic goals and set-up your own roadmap.

This workshop can help you with:

  • Restore self-confidence;
  • To find a life purpose;
  • Making a life goal realistic and concrete (delineate);
  • Recover energy;
  • To make a fresh start;
  • To recognize and heal the deep wounds to your self-confidence created by others.

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I got great advice. It really felt like you knew exactly what was wrong with me. And you put on the table, the "way out" I'm looking for in my situation. I know what to do again. I feel clarity in my path. Thank you Shasha!!!!


"I have seen her unveil a family secret of abuse in my wife's childhood. It has given me a lot of clarity."


"Shasha not only gives you a reading but tips and motivation to help you further. She is very specific in her answers which is very nice. Every session becomes more special"


"I have already received a number of readings from Shasha. She taught me a lot about myself and helped me find a purpose in life that I had lost over the years"


"Hi Shasha I have learned so much again the last time. Thanks for the great insights and I'll definitely be working on it. We will make another appointment in a few weeks."


"I have already visited some psychics who were good, but I think Shasha realy stands out! This is because the information she receives is quite accurate and therefore I can better estimate what I can possibly do with it. This also applies to pieces of information about things that are yet to happen. I've never experienced anything like this before"


"Shasha thank you very much for your support and good advice! I got to work and it immediately gave me other insights. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Oh and of course I will make another appointment with you soon! Been to many mediums but you are a real one. Wow girl you amaze me time and time again!"


"I am a medium myself and Shasha guides me further in my own journey. Lots of great insights and experiences that I can pass on to my own customers. Educational and Shasha teaches me to think creatively and helps me to become an even better medium"


"My wife and I had a lot of frustration between the two of us, which we saw as normal after 20 years of marriage. Shasha opened our eyes by showing us that we were missing communication on vital topics. This allowed us both to work and luckily we grew closer to each other. You are a treasure, sometimes confrontational where necessary, but certainly also very sweet and helpful"


"I was a bit apprehensive at first about 'just'. to tell a stranger my troubles. I was not feeling well, but friends of mine referred me to you. It felt like a warm bath and I didn't really have to say much, because you could tell me right away what I had to work on. Not only did I change things spiritually, but I also started working with your nutritional advice. What a difference in a very short time, I feel so much better. In a few weeks we have another appointment that I am very much looking forward to"